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BCSP ASP & CSP Exam Test Prep Course 

24/7 On-Demand Access and Live Quarterly Sessions 

Global Era Training BCSP ASP & CSP Exam Prep Course
Channel 4 Training online training for Workplace Leadership, Safety and Train The Trainer 2


·      1 Year Membership and full access to all the below

·      Access to 24/7 Zoom or Team video training sessions

·      Access to live Zoom or Team video sessions 

·      Full color workbooks and handout packets 

·      Texas Instruments TI-30XS calculator shipped 

·      PDF copies of full color workbooks and handout packets

·      300 Practice Questions with video answers, explanations, and reasoning

·      Online coaching & pop-up coaching sessions to answer questions 

·      1-on-1 Coaching phone or video sessions to address any questions related to 24/7 videos, live sessions, and practice questions, and pre-testing final review 

·      Continued support until participants pass both the BCSP ASP & CSP Exams for up to 1 year

·      Certificate Global ERA Training 40 Hour Life Science and Risk Management Professional

·      Continuing Education Credits – 40 Hours totaling 4.0 CEUs




ASP/CSP prep course – $1,250 per person.  (40 Hours) 



·       Battery composition & hazards

·       NFPA, Fire Protection & Prevention

·       Emergency action plans and fire protection and prevention

·       CBRNe (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear explosives)

·       Chemical Hazards

·       Biological Hazards 

·       Respiratory Protection, Fit Testing and Site Specific Programs

·       IH chemicals, PELs, OELs, RELs, TWAs, skin notations 

·       Atmospheric Testing Oxygen, LEL, Toxins (% vs PPM)

·       Permit Required Confined Spaces

·       Trenching & Excavations

·       Crane & Rigging

·       Fall Protection, Ladders, Stairways and Walkways


·       OSHA Recordkeeping

·       OSHA Multi-Employer Worksites & Inspections

·       PSM Process Safety Management 

·       ANSI Z10 OSH Management

·       ANSI Z490 OSH Training Standard

·       ANSI Z590 Criteria for Safety Positions 

·       ISO 14001 Environmental Management 

·       ISO 45001 OHS Risk Management

·       ISO 45003 Psychosocial risks Management

·      Worksite inspections, Audits, and BBS Observations

·       FEMA ICS – Incident Command Systems

·       HAZCOM/GHS Pictograms, SDSs, Labels

·       OSHA SMS Safety Management Systems

·       OSHA Training Recommendations & Adult Learning Principles

·      BBS Principles and Employee Engagement and Motivation

·      Risks and Liability Management

·      Insurance Principles for Worker’s Comp and General Liability

·       Ergonomics 

·       Newly drafted fact sheet(s) and quick cards for additional review 

·       Math (same 10-12 formulas) but covered over less time since less math has been on the exam

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